18/05/2017 - Three papers from the HRI2 laboratory will be presented at ICORR 2017

19/04/2017 - IROS2017 Workshop on “Learning for Collaborative Robotics: Enabling Flexible, Redeployable and Agile Industrial Applications”. To apepar soon!

19/12/2016 - ICRA2017 Workshop on “Assistive Robotics: From the Natural to the Artificial and Back Again”. Please see details

18/11/2016 - Our paper, “. Peternel, N. Tsagarakis, D. Caldwell and A. Ajoudani, "Adaptation of Robot Physical Behaviour to Human Fatigue in Human-Robot Co-Manipulation", was a finalist for best interactive paper award at IEEE International Conference on Humanoid Robotics (Humanoids), 2016.

10/10/2016 – “IEEE IROS Workshop on Human-Robot Collaboration: Towards Co-Adaptive Learning Through Semi-Autonomy and Shared Control”

29/09/2016 - International Workshop on Human Friendly Robotics (HFR) 2016.

16/05/2016 - IEEE ICRA 2016 Workshop on Human Robot Interfaces for Enhanced Physical Interactions.