IIT is committed to being as transparent as possible about its activities and learning from its mistakes. This page gathers relevant information related to transparency.

Corte dei Conti Reports

IIT’s financial management is overseen by the Corte dei Conti (national auditing body), which draws up an annual report on our activity.

Financial Reports

Our present and past Financial Reports


At IIT research teams, Principal Investigators,  staff researchers and technologists undergo periodic evaluations made by external panels appointed by the Scientific Technical Committee

Code of Conduct and Model 231

The IIT Foundation has adopted a Code of Conduct and Code of Scientific Conduct, valid both with regard to the objectives set in the Organisational, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001

Law 124/2017

This law ask to IIT to publish and disseminate the sources of our funding on our website (only in italian).

Privacy Organizational Model

Privacy organizational model for the protection of personal data

D.Lgs 50/2016

Article 21, paragraph 3 and following of Legislative Decree 50/2016 establishes that Public Works, of an estimated amount equal to or greater than 100,000 euros and purchases are made on the basis of a three-year schedule and its annual updates.

Gender Equality Plan

The Gender Equality Plan sets out IIT’s goals for promoting equality between people of different genders, and details the measures that IIT will take in the coming years to achieve these goals.

Suppliers access

All suppliers must show the Green Certificate to access to IIT buildings