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Shari Cavicchi is a researcher in experimental cognitive psychology. Her work is focused on the cognitive and psychophysiological mechanisms underlying visual attention and perception. She is aimed at exploring the impact of task-related and action-related goals on the deployment of selective attention. For example, when there’s a possibility for action, people prioritize the processing of objects that are relevant to that action, and leave other objects out of the attentional focus. She approaches the interaction of attention and action-related processes using ERPs and behavioral data.


Title: PhD
Institute: University of Bologna
Location: Bologna
Country: Italy
From: 2018 To: 2022

All Publications
Cavicchi S., Parenti L., Abubshait A., Perez-Osorio J., Agnieszka W.
Sustained effects of prior collaboration with a robot on the allocation of attention toward social signals
Salzburg Mind Brain Annual Meeting
Poster Conference