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Francesco Di Stasio

Researcher Tenure Track - Principal Investigator
Photonic Nanomaterials
Research center

Title: PhD in Physics
Institute: University College London
Location: London
Country: United Kingdom
From: 2009 To: 2011

Title: MsC in Materials Science and Engineering
Institute: Università degli studi di Genova
Location: Genoa
Country: Italy
From: 2005 To: 2008

Title: BsC in Materials Science
Institute: Università degli studi di Genova
Location: Genoa
Country: Italy
From: 2003 To: 2005

Experience External

Title: Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellow
Institute: ICFO
Location: Barcelona
Country: Spain
From: 2016 To: 2018

Title: Research Scientist
Institute: Cambridge Display Technology
Location: Cambridge
Country: United Kingdom
From: 2012 To: 2013

All Publications
Fiorito S., Silvestri M., Cirignano M., Marini A., Di Stasio F.
Design of Experiments Optimization of SiO2 Shell Growth on semiconductor nanocrystals: A Pathway Toward Photonic Integration
Primo Congresso NQSTI
Conference Paper Conference
Dai J., Zhao C., Xu J., Roshan H., Dong H., Di Stasio F., Yuan F., Jiao B., Wu Z.
Double hole transport layers deliver promising-performance in light-emitting diodes based on MAPbBr3 nanocrystals
Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications, vol. 124
Article Journal
Roshan H., Zhu D., Piccinotti D., Dai J., De Franco M., Barelli M., Prato M., De Trizio L., Manna L., Di Stasio F.
Near Infrared Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Colloidal InAs/ZnSe Core/Thick-Shell Quantum Dots
Advanced Science
Article Journal
Liu Y., Di Stasio F., Bi C., Zhang J., Xia Z., Shi Z., Manna L.
Near-Infrared Light Emitting Metal Halides: Materials, Mechanisms, and Applications
Advanced Materials
Review Journal
Zhu D., Bahmani Jalali H., Saleh G., Di Stasio F., Prato M., Polykarpou N., Othonos A., Christodoulou S., Ivanov Y.P., Divitini G., Infante I., De Trizio L., Manna L.
Boosting the Photoluminescence Efficiency of InAs Nanocrystals Synthesized with Aminoarsine via a ZnSe Thick-Shell Overgrowth
Advanced Materials, vol. 35, (no. 38)
Awards and Achievements
De Franco M., Zhu D., Asaithambi A., Prato M., Charalampous E., Christodoulou S., Kriegel I., De Trizio L., Manna L., Bahmani Jalali H., Di Stasio F.
Efficient Near-Infrared Light-emitting diodes based on InAs/ZnSe core-shell colloidal nanocrystals
Bertucci S., Megahd H., Dodero A., Fiorito S., Di Stasio F., Patrini M., Comoretto D., Lova P.
“Solution processed inorganic semiconductors: high performing hybrid materials for photonics”
Di Stasio F.
AIS-UK Young Researcher Award – Physical sciences and engineering
Di Stasio F.
MARSHALL STONEHAM PRIZE for Outstanding Postgraduate Research Physics – Condensed matter and material physics
Di Stasio F.
Best Student poster presentation at European Optical Society Annual Meeting